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V2 Cigs Review and Coupon Codes

2012 - 2013

V2 Cigs e cig Review and Coupon Codes 2012 and 2013

If you've done any research online at all about electronic cigarettes, you've probably heard of V2 Cigs. But do V2 Ecigs stack up to the competition in price and quality? We created this specialized and complete V2 Cigs review and your own proprietary promo coupon code for all V2 starter kits, cartomizers, accessories and more.

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We would also like to mention that even though we are affiliated with V2, we are also affiliated with all the other electronic cigarette companies listed in this website. That being said, we feel that V2 is one of the best available in the market, we've used them, we know the products well and would not stake our reputation on any sub-standard products.

V2 Cigs Reviews

Voted #1 in customer satisfaction by, V2 has become a huge name in the vapor cigarette industry. They offer a wide range of accessories and have a large lineup of really decent e cigarette starter kits in both large and small scale.

Overall Product Quality

Needless to say, V2 in regards to product quality, stands unmatched. They use a 2 peice system which is both convenient, simple and less to go wrong with. Many people believe, as do we, that the 2 peice system (KR808-D1, and others) are the best available. In my years of using their products the only problem I have ever had is 1 premature battery death (The battery could've lasted a little while longer I felt), but as with any electronics, sometimes these things happen. Anyhow, I was quickly offered a replacement battery and have never had an issue since.

Overall Product Quality Rating 5/5




V2 Cigs offers a wide price range which we feel is quite reasonable. For instance you can buy a mini e cigarette starter kit for as low as $24.99 up to as high as $179.99 for an extremely high-end electronic cigarette starter kit. Overall pricing is about average in comparison to other name brand e cigarette companies. You often get what you pay for as in any business. However it is hard to find anything cheaper or I should say "less expensive" that still maintains the same level of quality as V2 Ecigs. So we are giving them a 5-star rating for price as well.

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Overall Price Rating 5/5


E Cigarette Starter Kits

One of the best thing we were extremely impressed about were the V2 starter kits. These electronic cigarette starter packs range large in comparison in both price and quantity. The largest starter kit contained a plethora of everything you could possibly need to switch to electronic cigarettes from traditional smoking.

Deluxe Starter Kit: Economy Starter Kit:

V2 cigs e cigarette starter kit  Cheap v2 e cigarette starter kits

One of the coolest vapor cigarette starter kits they offered however was the V2 Couples Kit. This e cigarette starter kit is absolutely perfect for those who want to quit smoking together. It comes with everything you need for two.

Couples E Cigarette Starter Kit:

V2 Cigs couples starter pack

Its their wide range of kits and accessories that compels us to once again give them a 5/5 rating for their e cigarette starter packs.

Overall Starter Kit Rating 5/5


Cartomizers (Refill Cartridge Packs)

What can we say? V2 has ultra-thick vapor, some great flavors and a wide selection of them to boot. You can purchase their V2 cartomizers in small or large amount. They also seem to last for quite a while in comparison to Cig2o cartomizers. There cartomizers range from 18mg to 0mg nicotine levels (we wish they also came in 24mg however).

Overall Cartomizer (for variety, thickness and flavor) Rating 5/5


Disposable E Cigs

Now we weren't nearly as impressed with the V2 disposable e cigs as when we've reviewed other disposable brands. They didn't seem to last as long for the price and just weren't quite as impressed with their disposable ones as the rest of their product line.

Overall Disposable Ecig Rating 3/5


Battery Life

Although they didn't have THE best battery life, the V2 e cigarette batteries are actually quite nice. The seem to last longer than many other brands in addition to being able to buy longer-life per-charge e cig batteries.

Overall Ecig Battery Rating 4/5


Customer Service

Some of the best customer service available in the e cig industry! V2 definitely takes care of their customers needs and fast. They have an excellent reputation for providing the best care to their customers and likes to keep in communication with them.

Customer Service Rating 5/5



Limited lifetime warranty of all batteries, chargers and accessories (cartomizers not included). When you are that confident in your products, offerring a lifetime warranty is easy, right?!

Warranty Rating 5/5



V2 Cigs use the KR808-d1 style threading in a two-peice e cig system. This is one of the most commonly used and best systems available. V2 is compatible with brands such as Vapage, Cig2o and Premium e cigarettes. So if you don't care for their cartomizers, try Cig2o cartomizers.

Compatibility Rating 5/5


Other Notes:

In addition to having an awesome selection combined with awesome prices and quality products, V2 Cigs also provides a clearance section with even larger discounted merchandise. Along the lines of style, they also offer cool "designer" e cigarette batteries that add a little flavor to your vaping.

Overall Score Review of V2 Cigs


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