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The E Cigarette - What Are Electronic Cigarettes

Information about the E Cigarette and what exactly are water vapor electronic cigarettesReview e cigarettes and find out the best e cigarette starter kit for your needs at wholesale prices.  Frequently asked questions about e cigarettes.

Either you've seen them on the street, in restaurants, bars, hotels or read and seen them on the news, but what exactly is an "e cigarette"? E Cigarette FAQs 

The E Cigarette - What Are Electronic Cigarettes

This article will try to explain about the e cigarette:

  • What are electronic cigarettes?
  • Are electronic cigarettes safe or are e cigarettes dangerous or harmful?
  • What are possibly the benefits of e cigarettes?
  • Where to buy e cigarettes.
  • Are smokeless cigarettes the same thing?
  • How e cigarettes work.
  • Water vapor electronic cigarette resources
  • and where to find cheap e cigarette starter kits!

Now this is a lot to bite off, so please bare with me while I try to explain all about the e cig and provide answers to all of the above to inform and educate you on whether or not they are the answer you are looking for.

So let's begin...

What Are Electronic Cigarettes?

The E Cigarette, which is also commonly called an "e cig", electronic cigarette, water vapor cigarette or smokeless cigarette is an electronic device that acts like a vaporizer and mimics a cigarette by vaporizing a liquid and inhaling it much like a regular cigarette.  The e cigarette does not smoke and there is nothing to light, this is why some people feel they are both better for you and a natural substitution for the real thing.

Vapor cigarettes are a 2-3 part system, the ones promoted on this website use a two part system, which most of them use the kr808d1 threading.  These parts are the battery ( or the long white part ), the refill cartridge or "cartomizer" (Some e cigarette models use a 3 part system in which the cartomizer is separated in to two parts the refill cartridge and the atomizers), however for the sake of this article we are going to refer to the two-part system.

E cigarettes are a rechargeable system, although you can get single use disposable e cigarettes as well.

Are electronic cigarettes safe or are e cigarettes dangerous or harmful?

The easy answer is that no nicotine-containing product is safe.  However, many people feel that electronic cigarettes are safer than standard cigarettes due to the fact that they do not produce any carcinogenic smoke, second hand smoke (or any smoke for that matter) and have signficantly less chemicals in them than a regular cigarettes.  Most e cigarettes use a simple liquid containing flavoring (ie; menthol, tabacco flavor, grape, etc.), pure nicotine (although you can purchase them without nicotine as well) and a liquid filler (often propelyne glycol or vegetable glycerin).  There is a lot of controversy over propelyne glycol in e cigarettes however PG can be found in much of the household products and foods we use everyday.

One thing to point out is that although nicotine is highly addictive (and anyone who doesn't already smoke should not switch to electronic if they are not already smoking or using a nicotine product), nicotine IS NOT the lung cancer causing product in cigarettes.  It is the fact that the carbon monoxide that is highly carcinogenic within cigarettes.  Since e cigarettes are smokeless cigarettes, many feel this is a great benefit over traditional smoking.  Nicotine products can and do raise blood pressure so this is something to keep in mind.

What are possibly the benefits of e cigarettes?

Again, it's important to remember that no person who doesn't already use nicotine-related products should use electronic cigarettes as they may contain nicotine which is highly addictive, but if you do use nicotine products such as cigarettes or chewing tabacco, the e cigarette may provide some benefits.  Some of the benefits of e cigarettes over tabacco that many describe are as such:

1.  Save money - Many people who have switched to electronic cigs save OVER $100 every month.  E cigarettes are much less expensive than traditional smoking therefore saving you money.

2.  Feel better - Many who use e cigarettes find that they cough a lot less, have more energy and feel better throughout the day.

3.  No smell - e cigs produce no foul odor and no lasting smell.  They won't make your breathe, clothes, furniture or vehicles stink like an ashtray.

4.  Less Fire Hazard - Since there is no lighting up, there is a significantly less risk of fire.  This means no more clothing burns, no more furniture burns or yard fires due to cigarette butts not being put out complelely.

5.  No 2nd Hand Smoke - The e cig produces zero smoke.  In fact what you see people blowing out is a safe benign odorless gas made to look like smoke and mimic that of a cigarette.  This is why they call them the smokeless cigarette.  Many feel that this is a more "family safe" option than traditional smoking.

6.  No more ashtrays or mess - You can get rid of all those ashtrays because you won't need them.

7.  Possible to use as a "quit smoking" method - although not yet approved by the FDA as a smoking cessation method, thousands of people who have switched to electronic cigarettes have found it much easier to step down to quit smoking because they can slowly decrease their nicotine levels with ease.

8.  Easy to switch to - Many people have also found that going from a regular tabacco cig to an e cig is much easier considering they have a decent starter kit.  This makes for a smooth transition.

So it's very easy to see why someone who smokes would want to go the electronic way.

Where To Buy E Cigarettes

Many tabacco shops, gas stations and convenient stores now carry electronic cigarettes.  You can also purchase them on for a significantly discounted price!

Finding where to buy e cigarettes is getting to be much easier.  In the Portland, Oregon area alone their is countless places to purchase e cigarette starter kits.

Are Smokeless Cigarettes the Same Thing?

Yes, smokeless cigarettes are the same as e cigarettes.  They are also called water vapor cigarettes, electric cigarettes or electronic cigarettes.  They all do the same thing but go by many different names.

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How E Cigarettes Work

E cigarettes use an electronic battery with a micro-computer inside.  When someone takes a pull from it, the mechanism heats up the liquid refill cartridge cartomizer and turns it in to a vapor, then the individual simply takes a drag like a regular cigarette which delivers nicotine to the person via the vapor.  The individual can continually charge their e cigarette or have a spare charged up and only needs to buy the refill cartridges or cartomizers.  Each refill cartomizer cartridge lasts around the same amount as a pack of cigarettes.  So if you smoke a pack a day, you'll probably only use a single cartomizer in a day as well.

Water Vapor Electronic Cigarette Resources

Below are a few links that you may find helpful for information and resources on water vapor electronic cigarettes:

1. - Review and buy electronic cigarette starter kits, batteries, refill cartridge cartomizers, chargers, e liquid refills, disposable ecigarettes and accessories.

2. on Facebook - - We constantly put up information, news, coupon codes and great deals on e cigarettes all the time.  Like us on facebook!

3.  The Vapor Electronic Blog - News and information regarding electronic cigarettes, health and information, reviews and discount coupon doces.

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A Note About This Webiste: was created by ex-smokers who felt that quitting smoking and switching to e cigarettes had greatly improved their quality of life in many ways.  We do not condone the use of nicotine products to anyone under legal age and do not recommend e cigarettes for those not already addicted to nicotine.  We simply feel it's a better way to go and were tired of throwing our money away to big tabacco companies.  Hence why we started this site.



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"What a wonderful idea!  I feel better, I don't smell like cigarettes and my girlfriend doesn't get grossed out anymore."

-- Gary, US

"I truly like to idea of being able to use my electronic cigarette almost anywhere."

-- Melissa, US

"I like the fact that I still get the same feeling and relief that smoking a cigarette would provide without having to light up all the time."

-- Tanya, US

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