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Are Vapor Electronic Cigarettes Harmful or Dangerous?

Written by: Gabriel Killian

Electronic Cigarettes or Vapor Cigarettes are they Dangerous, Harmful or Safe?

It is absolutely no doubt that electronic cigarettes (e cigarettes or vapor cigarettes) are becoming more and more popular among the masses. More and more every day you see someone using one on the bus or walking around with one as opposed to lighting up a traditional cigarette. It has also been the cause of much controversy as well. Many people question how dangerous electronic cigarettes really are, if they are at all.


Are Vapor Electronic Cigarettes Harmful or Dangerous?

Electronic cigarettes which are also sometimes called water vapor cigarettes are a mechanism that delivers nicotine (although sometimes nicotine is not even involved) much like that of a traditional cigarette. There is, however, one distinct difference. Traditional cigarettes you have to ignite with a heat source and are burned while electronic cigarettes use a "vaporizing" system that takes liquid and turns it in to vapour.
Are Vapor Electronic Cigarettes Harmful or Dangerous?

Now traditional cigarettes (not electronic cigarettes) contain over 4,000 chemicals of which at least 69 are known to cause cancer. Traditional cigarettes also produce carcinogenic smoke ( and 2nd hand smoke ) and produce tar in which vapour cigarettes do not.

Electronic cigarettes on the other hand still provide nicotine which has been known to raise blood pressure, is highly addictive and cause birth defects from use from pregnant women. So initially there still is the potential for harm and/or danger from using these products.

Now speaking from a scenario point of view: If you are already smoker or a long-term smoker and want a better healthier alternative for you and those around you, at least in my personal experience, I have found that electronic cigarettes provide major benefits over smoking traditional cigarettes. I have used electronic cigarettes over a number of years and have seen my health & my physical appearance greatly increase.

Now everyone knows the best solution is to quit smoking altogether. This is the obvious answer. Although many people have quit smoking using electronic cigarettes as a smoking cessation method, it is not yet approved by the FDA to do as such - (Although this is an entire political discussion within itself!)

So once again...

Electronic Cigarettes or Vapor Cigarettes are they Dangerous, Harmful or Safe?

The easy answer is: No nicotine-based products are completely safe.


Electronic Cigarettes or Vapor Cigarettes are they Dangerous, Harmful or Safe?

They are, at least in my opinion, the MUCH lesser of two evils!

Simply put, I would much, much, MUCH rather be using a vapour cigarette than smoking a regular cigarette any day of the week. I feel better, have more energy, I smell and look better, I'm no longer burning my furniture or starting fires outside, I no longer own ash trays, my teeth are whiter, I save A LOT more money!... in general, making the switch has greatly increased my quality of life. As I write this, I can say with honesty, that I am in the best physical condition of my life, and I am sure my lungs would agree if they could speak.

Again, the best solution to quitting smoking is simply just to quit cold turkey, but if you are not ready for this or would like a better alternative then the water vapour cigarette may be the perfect solution. I personally found them extremely easy to switch to, they are much less intrusive to others, and I can use them in many more places. Most people have no idea that I even use nicotine!

Now a non-smoker should never use an electronic cigarette. They do often contain nicotine and you WILL most likely become addicted to the nicotine. But for someone who is already a user of tabacco it makes a ton of sense to make the switch.

So many individuals I have met have either switched or plan to very soon simply because so many others have found them to be beneficial over regular cigarettes. To many, the answer is pretty much a no-brainer.
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Like any product, especially when it comes to ingesting chemicals you should always weigh out your options, but for myself, this was a very appropriate direction for me to take. Today, even my own mother, a smoker of many MANY years now uses electronic cigarettes and has found them to be much more beneficial over a regular cigarette.

Use this information for what it is worth, weigh out your options, do what is best for where you are in life.



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"What a wonderful idea!  I feel better, I don't smell like cigarettes and my girlfriend doesn't get grossed out anymore."

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"I truly like to idea of being able to use my electronic cigarette almost anywhere."

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"I like the fact that I still get the same feeling and relief that smoking a cigarette would provide without having to light up all the time."

-- Tanya, US

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