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Advantages of Electronic Cigarettes vs Traditional Smoking

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Do Vapor Electronic Cigarettes have a Distinct Advantage Over Regular Tabacco Cigarettes

Electronic cigarettes, also most commonly referred to as E Cigs or water vapor cigarettes are becoming more commonly accepted as the newest alternative to traditional smoking.
Advantages of Electronic Cigarettes vs Traditional Smoking

If so, then what are the distinct advantage that electronic cigarettes provide that regular tabacco cigarettes do not?

Electronic cigarettes, unlike traditional tabacco cigarettes can be cigarette-like in appearance, but have many distinct differences. Electronic vapor cigarettes are a 2 to 3 part system that uses a battery-operated mini-computer to vaporize a liquid (which may or may not contain nicotine or at various levels) to an inhaleable form. Electronic cigarettes may make you look like you are actually "smoking", but there is absolutely no smoke in the process.

The cartomizer or "electronic cigarette refill cartridge" contains a fluid which contains flavoring (ie; menthol, tabacco, grape, etc.), a filler like vegetable glycerin or propelyne glycol and nicotine in various amounts, from 0mg to 24mg depending on the users preferences. Many ex-smokers have gone to this system, but why?

Advantages of Electronic Cigarettes vs Traditional Smoking :

1. No smoke involved - Electronic vapor cigarettes produce no 2nd hand smoke and have no oder associated with that of traditional smoking. This opens the doors for those who dislike bothering others with smoking or who hate to go outside to smoke, especially in the rain or cold.

2. Electronic Cigarettes cost much less to use - electronic cigarettes, after the initial electronic cigarette startup kit is purchased (usually around the price of a single carton) the price goes way down, especially if you refill your own with e-liquid. A 5 pack of cartomizers ( which lasts about the same as 5 packs of cigarettes ) costs usually $12 to $14 as opposed to 5 packs of cigarettes which could potentially cost you $45 depending on where you live.

3. No Tar - Electronic cigarettes contain no tar and won't stain your hands, teeth or clothes.

4. Electronic cigarettes won't make you smell - No more smelly clothes, hands or breath.

5. Less fire hazard - Every years hundreds of cigarette related fires occur. This can be significantly reduced by using an electronic cigarette. You no longer have to worry about falling asleep with a lit cigarette or ashing on something flamable.

6. Significantly less harmful chemicals - Electronic cigarettes have a huge difference in the amount of chemicals a traditional cigarette has. You aren't really smoking so there is a significant reduction in the cancer causing carcinogens you would normally be taking in.

Also, many people have found that they feel better, have more energy and have more confidence from using electronic cigarettes.

With this reason alone, it really isn't surprising that people are switching to electronic cigarettes on a daily basis and making vast changes to their lives. Personally, I have found that switching to electronic cigarettes has greatly improved my quality of life. Although I still use nicotine, I have found a better means of doing so in my opinion.
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"What a wonderful idea!  I feel better, I don't smell like cigarettes and my girlfriend doesn't get grossed out anymore."

-- Gary, US

"I truly like to idea of being able to use my electronic cigarette almost anywhere."

-- Melissa, US

"I like the fact that I still get the same feeling and relief that smoking a cigarette would provide without having to light up all the time."

-- Tanya, US

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