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About Us: was created for those interested in learning more about electronic cigarettes aka vapor cigarettes as an alternative to traditional smoking.  We firmly believe in the benefits of these products and would like to be YOUR HUB for information and resources about these products.

For many smokers out there, many good alternatives seem few and far between.  Many smokers out there are also not ready for complete nicotine cessation. We, at Vapor Electronic Cigarettes .com are ALL ex-smokers and have ALL used Vaping to completely quit the use of traditional cigarettes. 

This is not to say, however, that we have all quit the use of nicotine altogether, but we have found it to be a cleaner, safer, less intrusive means of moving away from traditional smoking and cigarettes.  We have found it to be our answer, 

Thousands would agree, the benefits to using e-cigarettes (vapor cigarettes) far out-weigh any possibly concievable benefits associated to traditional smoking.  In addition, just as many, if not more, non-smokers would also agree to this.

For us, the answer was simple - The vapor electronic cigarette is, by a long-shot, the way to go!

We hope you will agree!

If you have any questions, comments, or would like to share your experiences or testimonials with use, we highly encourage you to Contact Us and we will respond as quickly as possible.


The Team



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"What a wonderful idea!  I feel better, I don't smell like cigarettes and my girlfriend doesn't get grossed out anymore."

-- Gary, US

"I truly like to idea of being able to use my electronic cigarette almost anywhere."

-- Melissa, US

"I like the fact that I still get the same feeling and relief that smoking a cigarette would provide without having to light up all the time."

-- Tanya, US

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